lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

Bogotá's Graffiti T-Shirt Shop

Put some opinons on your chest! Visit our graffiti T-shirt shop in Bogotá's historic La Candelaria neighborhood and go home with a memorable message with a Colombian twist!
Sick of the the idolization of Ché Guevara - by people who don't even know what he did? Tired of the demonization of the coca leaf - which is actually healthy and useful? Think the Pope's a joke or that bullfighting is murder not art?

Write it on a wall - or we'll help you say it on your chest!

Our designs are inspired by local and international artists and deal with local and international themes. Walk into our shop in the heart of Bogotá's historic La Candelaria district, at:
 Carrera 3 No. 14-52 Tel: 310-770-2500 . Or visit us on Facebook.
 < kasparcolectivo(at)gmail(dot)com >

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